About Us

Health is wealth. History has long been focusing on the human health and immunity to fight against new diseases and India is the origin for ayurvedic medicine as it is rich in ayurvedic herbs and seeds and spices. The ayurvedic sansar came in the thought during the outbreak of Corona virus that was affecting all human around the globe. The increase cases let us 4 friends think about how are we eastern countries able to work hard against it compared to Western countries. The answer came ayurved. Well we aren't dealing with the medicine or anything but we are dealing witht the products which can be used daily knowingly or unknowingly which directly imapct the immunity of our body. Focus on to help in the immunity increment not only in India but around the globe is our Target for future. 

In India we still prefer home made nuska rather than modern medicine until it is too sever which cannot be helped from those homemade nuska. Mom knows all and old is gold so before the existence of modern medicine how were we human able to strengthen the immunity. Well eating healthy and mixing it with herbs can definitely give the answer we are seeking. Everyone is trying to build health but sometimes forgot their inner health but well mom and family doesn't forget so to help all the human to strengthen their inner health we at quadlads are focusing on the products that can be used on daily basis just like spices and we actually have been using to support today's hectic time.